Online Master’s Degree in Advertising

Online masters degree programs in advertising are designed to develop innovators and managers for the ever-changing industry of advertising and promotions. The field is extremely competitive, and the demand for managers who hold a master’s degree is on the rise. An online masters degree in advertising can help professionals working in a related field to gain a thorough understanding of how to effectively reach consumers, regardless of the product being offered, and how to effectively manage staff and resources. Most online master’s degree programs in advertising will take two to three years to complete, but will vary greatly from program to program, and the ability of the student to complete courses.

Classes for an Online Masters Degree in Advertising

Online master’s degrees in advertising can vary from school to school, but most will focus on equipping students with an ability to perform research, and developing effective decision-making skills essential to strategic advertising. To cultivate these skills, students typically must perform hands-on practice, by doing market research and an analysis of what works to effectively reach the intended market. Beyond this, students will also learn skills for effective account management, media planning, and advertising sales management. Some courses you ˇmay encounter are:

  • Interactive Media
  • Branding and Creative Development
  • Advertising Strategy and Management
  • International Marketing
  • Mass Communications

Most online masters degree programs in advertising require students to complete a final thesis or project that involves original research and work that demonstrates the knowledge gained during the program. In some cases, students will work collaboratively with others in their class. At the end of most advertising master’s programs, students must submit, or pitch, their final thesis or project. In most cases, the student will have to defend their project before a committee of professors and professionals.

A Career as a Graduate with an Online Masters Degree in Advertising

Most online masters degree programs in advertising are specifically designed to prepare individuals who already come from a professional background in advertising, marketing, or another related field. The programs are intended to provide these professionals with the skills needed to be an effective manager. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, advertising and promotions managers held approximately 38,700 jobs in 2010. Positions in the field are expected to grow by 14% through the year 2020, which is approximately as fast as the average for all occupations. The BLS also states that most managers in the field possess a bachelor’s degree and several years of work experience. Earning an online master’s degree in advertising, combined with the right work experience, can be a great way to set yourself apart in a competitive field.


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