Online Master’s Degree in Insurance

Online master degree programs in insurance are designed to teach students about the financial and legal issues that often arise with insurance coverage and claims. These programs are also usually designed to include course work in risk management to teach students to assess insurance risks and handle high-risk financing. Students usually have some background in the insurance or risk management field, though some programs are designed for students who wish to enter the field without prior experience.

Some online master degrees in insurance can take less than two years to complete; however, the exact completion rate is usually dependent upon specific program requirements. Students that attend classes on a full-time basis will likely finish the program faster than students who attend part time. Contact your school for more information regarding completion rates and degree programs.

Classes for an Online Masters Degree in Insurance

Affordable online masters degree programs typically include classes that teach students how to analyze risk. Some programs include classes in financing and consulting as well. The best online masters degree programs encourage students to be well-rounded and promote knowledge in both insurance and business. Specific classes that insurance students may take include:

  • Insurance Company Operations
  • Financial Concepts
  • Risk Management
  • Alternative Risk Financing
  • Project Management

Students that have an interest in going abroad may consider enrolling in a program that includes international risk management. These programs may include a study abroad option or a class that requires a visit abroad as part of the curriculum. Students interested in pursuing this path are encouraged to discuss their options with their advisors.

A Career as a Graduate with an Online Masters Degree in Insurance

It is typical for graduates from master’s degree programs to go on to work for insurance agencies or financing firms. They can also consult with companies to help determine risks in financing. Insurance graduates can also become insurance underwriters, a career that earns $59,290 annually, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. As an alternative, insurance graduates who have some experience with international risk assessment can join firms that operate on a global level.

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