Online Master’s Degree in Organizational Management

An online master’s degree in organizational management can be a great fit for any business professional or manager hoping to advance their career as a training manager or in human resources management. Most programs prepare students for a career in the field by teaching them to accurately assess a business or organization’s staff, culture, and purpose in order to design and implement programs for improving employee training, and organizational performance. They usually work with executives and other managers to develop a budget and discuss methods for implementing the training as well.

Classes for an Online Master’s Degree in Organizational Management

Classes in an online program in organization management not only include insight into modern corporate culture and business strategies, but also place a heavy emphasis on learning how to properly work with people. This requires students to be able to balance business courses with a significant amount of reading and lecture time focuses on understanding human development. In most cases, an online master’s degree program in organizational management will take anywhere from two to three years to complete. Some courses you might see include:

  • Global Management
  • Advanced Human Resources Management
  • Public Administration
  • Managing in Social Change
  • Business Law and Ethics

Most online master’s degree programs in organizational management require students to complete both an internship/work-study program and a final capstone project/thesis. Work-study programs and internships are designed to allow students to see firsthand how modern corporations, businesses, and non-profit organizations assess and deploy training needs. For the final project, students must take the methods and information gained during the program and demonstrate a way to apply what they have learned in a business or organizational setting. Students typically establish a topic with an advisor, then present or defend their findings before an advisory committee before graduation. Some schools and programs may allow professionals already working in the field to use a program they conducted in the field in place of a project or thesis.

A Career as a Graduate with an Online Masters Degree in Organizational Management

While graduates of an online master’s degree program in organizational management can pursue a number of positions in business or government, one of the most common careers is as a training and development manager. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were more than 29,000 positions in the field in 2010. More than 30% of the workforce is split between positions in business management and consulting and in finance and insurance companies. In most cases, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum required for the field, though a master’s degree can help the right candidate set themselves apart. The BLS reports that positions within the field are expected to grow by 15% by the year 2020.


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