Online Master’s Degree in Project Management

As business operations become more sophisticated and complex, project managers will be needed to ensure goals are being met and personnel are performing at full capacity. Project management is the practice of planning a project, setting goals, and allocating resources toward the completion of an objective. A master’s degree in project management is a good option for individuals who have strong critical thinking and communication skills. These degrees are available on the campuses of traditional colleges and universities and through distance learning programs. Enrolling in an online master’s degree program in project management gives a student an opportunity to earn their degree without having to work around other obligations they may have to their employer or family. An online master’s degree in project management program typically requires the completion of 30 credit hours of coursework, although that may vary depending on the institution.

Classes for an Online Master’s Degree in Project Management

An online master’s degree in project management prepares students for high-level management by teaching them how to manage complex projects; balance scope, time, cost, and quality demands; and encourage relationships between customers and the project team. Therefore students enroll in courses such as project management, cost and value management, planning and resource management, and quantitative and qualitative decision making. A quantitative and qualitative decision making course covers rational models of decision making, cost-benefit analysis, decision trees, and methods for evaluating outcomes. Read on for a short list of five common project management courses:

  • Project Management
  • Cost and Value Management
  • Interpersonal and Group Behavior
  • Commercial Law and Project Procurement
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Decision Making

Some online master’s degree programs in project management allow students to complete a six-credit hour individual studies course that includes supervised creative projects and non-thesis research. In lieu of that students could instead take two or more elective courses, such a supply chain management or transportation and distribution. However, the requirements of each program may be different by institution so make sure to check into that when you’re considering what school to enroll in.

A Career as a Graduate with an Online Master’s Degree in Project Management

A master’s degree in project management may qualify an individual for employment as a project manager. These professionals are responsible for setting deadlines, assigning responsibilities, and tracks the progress of a project, and gives updates to their manager. Project managers are employed by software companies, business organizations, educational and governmental institutions, construction firms, and in the healthcare industry. The median annual salary for an entry-level project manager is $63,997, and the median salary for a project manager with four to seven years of experience is $83,907, according to However, these statistics are no guarantee of actual salary, which depends on the employer, location, and condition of the economy.


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