Online Master’s Degree in Law

Hundreds of thousands of students continue to head to law school every year, despite increasing tuition rates and reports of dismal job prospects. And while there is much to lament regarding the cost and lack of employment opportunities, law school does breed sharp thinkers who are well-groomed and ready to employ their analytical skills as they advise individuals, businesses, or government agencies. During a three-year course of study that will lead to a Juris Doctor, or J.D., students may specialize in areas such as international law, environmental law, and intellectual property law.

Classes for an Online Masters Degree in Law

Law students take classes in topics like corporate litigation, public interest law, criminal prosecution, and several other related fields. Their first year consists primarily of core curriculum requisites. These classes, mandated by the American Bar Association, may prove to be among the hardest and most challenging. In their second and third years, students can customize their legal education and specialize in a particular area by selecting electives, such as feminist jurisprudence or global migration issues. Law school classes include:

  • Civil Procedure
  • Criminal Law
  • Legal Research and Writing
  • Race, Sexuality, and the Law
  • Constitutional Law

Most schools offer students opportunities to engage with the law outside of the classroom. For instance, legal clinics provide students with hands-on experience working for various clients. In moot court or mock trial, students prepare and argue cases in front of judges and juries. Students may also write for legal journals, complete public interest fellowships, and more. These types of experiences are always helpful in allowing students to establish a network that may prove fruitful beyond law school.

A Career as a Graduate with an Online Masters Degree in Law

Aspiring lawyers must graduate from law school and obtain a license to practice law. Licensing exams, also known as bar exams, are specific to each state, so students should sit for the exam in the state in which they plan to work. Many states also require lawyers to participate in courses that keep them up-to-date on recent legal developments.

Opportunities within the field of law are varied.Lawyers may work as prosecutors, defense attorneys, tax lawyers, family lawyers, and more. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the mean annual wage of lawyers totaled $130,490 in 2011. Their employment rates are expected to increase by 10% between 2010 and 2020.


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