Online Master’s Degree in Clinical Research

The master degree in clinical research, often focused on administration or management, exists to train healthcare professionals how to provide oversight and ensure research is conducted in a safe and ethical manner. For example, medicines often need to be tested on animal or human subjects to ensure that the medications work properly and have minimal adverse effects before it can be released for public use. To train students for this, masters degrees in clinical research include classes on research protocol, such as how to gather a test group, how to track data, and how to analyze findings. These degrees are for best suited for those looking to advance or change their careers within the medical field.

Accredited online masters degrees in clinical research are typically designed for individuals who have careers and need some flexibility in scheduling, as online students do not need to adhere to strict classroom schedules. For students who attend their courses on a full-time basis, programs can usually be completed in two years. Program length may be longer for students that attend part-time.

Classes for an Online Masters Degree in Clinical Research

Online masters clinical research degree students take classes that equip them with the skills necessary for conducting research. They learn how to collect and interpret data, and how to write reports over their findings. Students should also take classes in the laws and ethics that will affect their research. Some examples of classes that students may take include:

  • Epidemology
  • Patient-Oriented Research
  • Grant Writing and Scientific Journalism
  • Bioethics
  • Public Policy

Research is an inherent part of the online masters degree in clinical research, so students should expect classes that focus on that aspect of the profession. The best degree programs will have students get some experience in actual clinical settings as well through internships or clinicals. It is common for these programs to also require a master’s thesis or capstone project before a student graduates to ensure that they possess absolute understanding of clinical research.

A Career as a Graduate with an Online Masters Degree in Clinical Research

Graduates from clinical research master’s degree projects can go on to conduct clinical research for businesses, pharmaceutical companies, the government, and non-profit industries. In the field, these researchers follow all relevant ethics and laws to ensure that the research goes smoothly and without incident, as mistakes can often set clinical research back. As part of their careers, clinical researchers must also interact with patients, collect data, and write reports. Some may also need to write grants to try and get funding for their projects as well. As an alternative, graduates can also apply to doctoral degree programs.


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