Online Master’s Degree in Wellness

Online masters degree programs in wellness are designed to enable students to teach others how to lead a healthy lifestyle, through research and practice of studied methods. Students pursuing an online masters degree in wellness may choose a more focused concentration area of study within this curriculum, such as sports medicine. Through completion of an online masters degree program, students will learn the basics of human anatomy, physiology, and metabolism, and also study nutrition and fitness. Graduates holding an online masters degree in wellness learn not only how to build a substantial knowledge base, of health, fitness, medical, scientific, and scholarly concepts surrounding this topic, but also how to identify their own career track, and implement these skills in the appropriate profession. The online masters degree in wellness is typically a two-year degree program, depending on individual school requirements.

Classes for an Online Masters Degree in Wellness

With many of the occupations within the wellness field gaining more public visibility and becoming increasingly accessible, being armed with the knowledge acquired obtaining an online masters degree can open many doors. There is no shortage of general arguments in favor of improving personal health and wellness, especially supporting the lowered risks of being diagnosed with terminal diseases or developing chronic conditions. Eligible for a career in one of several diverse fields, graduates will be well on their way to a fruitful career in the health or education industries, among other possibilities. Wellness curriculum typically requires that students not only understand the physiology of potential clients, but also master the skills necessary to evaluate and effectively communicate with them as well. Sample classes include:

  • Physiological Basics of Human Movement
  • Legal and Ethical Principles of Wellness
  • Exercise Science
  • Nutrition for Sports Professionals
  • Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Although requirements vary, depending on individual courses and programs, typically, online masters degree wellness students will be expected to present either a thesis, graduate project, or internship, in order to demonstrate a mastery of skills in this field. Even though the accredited masters degree program is online, students who have chosen to focus on a research track of study may be encouraged to attend research labs and associated projects on-campus or near their residential area, while students who have chosen a clinical or wellness practitioner study track will be required to participate in a supervised internship. In addition, all disciplines may require extra practical experience in various professional wellness environments, as well as teacher certification, according to state requirements, as necessary.

A Career as a Graduate with an Online Masters Degree in Wellness

Graduates of an online masters degree program in wellness have various career options to consider, in putting their degree to good use. A graduate education in this field will provide many potential professional opportunities, and those holding master’s degrees are eligible to be health educators or health promoters, among others, in the health industry. Graduates may also find that additional course work in problem-solving, psychology, human development, foreign languages, and/or “people” skills, will attract the attention of potential employers. While a bachelor’s degree may be sufficient for some entry-level positions in the health industry alone, high-ranking wellness jobs in prestigious fields like federal government or public health agencies require a master’s degree. With an accredited online masters degree in wellness, graduates can enjoy a career as a community health educator, health education specialist, or school health educator, just to name a few. Health educators are projected to experience 37% job growth between 2010 and 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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