Online Master’s Degree in Divinity

The academic subject of divinity involves the study of Christianity, ministry, and theology. Students typically study the Bible and the history of Christianity. Graduates from masters degree programs in divinity usually go on to work in ministry or pursue their doctoral degrees in a branch of divinity or ministry. In addition, many students who attend online masters degree programs in divinity are already serving within ministries and wish to broaden their knowledge.

An online masters degree in divinity can take around three years to complete. Students that attend programs on a part-time basis will likely take longer to complete the program than full-time students. Ultimately, however, the length of time a program takes to complete depends upon credit requirements, thesis options, and internships.

Classes for an Online Masters Degree in Divinity

Students enrolled in online masters programs in divinity typically take course work that instructs them in ministry, the Old Testament, the New Testament, theology, and canon law. Some programs may also acquaint students with strategies for increasing church attendance and educational methods. Some examples of specific classes divinity students take include:

  • Biblical Law
  • Discipleship in Community
  • Christian Social Ethics
  • Preaching from the New Testament
  • Elementary Hebrew

It is typical for accredited online masters degree programs in divinity to include a thesis option. Some programs also require students to participate in supervised pastoral and ministry duties. This gives them some real ministry experience, which will also improve their resumes.

A Career as a Graduate with an Online Masters Degree in Divinity

Individuals who have earned their master’s degrees in divinity typically go on to become ministers, pastors, or other church officials. Though these positions do not always require candidates to have a master’s degree, many consider the research and experience that students derive from advanced education to be extremely beneficial. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that clergy member earn an average annual salary of $48,490, though this varies by the specific position held and by the employer.


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