Online Master’s Degree in Visual Art

Pursuing an online masters degree in visual art is a promising option for those looking to build a career in the creative world, with a concentration in one or more of a variety of disciplines, like drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, filmmaking, printmaking, or design. Online Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Visual Art candidates may also choose to study applied visual arts genres, like industrial design, fashion design, architecture, or decorative arts, which can be applied practically in a substantial career in these professional industries, respectively. The most notable advantage of the online Master of Fine Arts (MFA), as opposed to the online Master of Arts (MA), where the visual arts are concerned, is a focus on actual practice of the creative experience, not only academic, scholarly, and critical course work. Therefore, through completion of an online masters degree program, graduates will have an understanding of hands-on application of their talents, in a variety of professional fields, like graphic design, creative or nonprofit organizations, and new media, just to name a few. The online masters degree in visual art is typically a two- to three-year academic and professional degree program, depending on the institution granting the degree, as well as required course work and previous experience.

Classes for an Online Masters Degree in Visual Art

The field of visual art is increasing in popularity. In the process of completing the online masters degree program, students will research all aspects of the visual arts field, including not only how to create their vision, but also how to incorporate their ideas into the context of the real world and incorporate their talents into a professional career. The online student is expected to be self-disciplined, as course work in both individual studio practice, as well as more traditional academic subjects, is necessary to complete a comprehensive online masters degree in visual art. Sample classes include:

  • Art Studio
  • Art History
  • Art Appreciation
  • Art Theory and Criticism
  • Creative Branding and Communications

MFA Visual Art students may find the curriculum varies significantly from one school to the next, depending on the area of focus or artistic medium; however, students applying for an online masters degree in visual art will likely be expected to submit a sample portfolio to demonstrate their skills or interest in that particular area of the visual arts. Most accredited online masters programs will require a thesis project of some kind, and candidates will be expected to comprehensively demonstrate the skills they have learned. Though the fully online format may suggest otherwise, the student will be required to create and complete visual art assignments accordingly, and, although not required, it is recommended that the student take advantage of frequent opportunities for hands-on experience, such as attending art openings and lectures, viewing exhibitions, and participating in art critiques and open studio visits.

A Career as a Graduate with an Online Masters Degree in Visual Art

As the world of art-related industries continues to expand, so do the opportunities for MFA Visual Art graduates. With an accredited online masters degree in visual art, graduates have the ability to excel in unique, high-ranking positions. Among the most prestigious positions in the art museum industry, for example, are curators, the people responsible for organizing collections of art for exhibition in a museum, and conservators, the technicians who restore and repair historical, and sometimes ancient or priceless, works of art. Both positions are essential to the museum world, and both require the candidate have at least a masters degree, usually in a particular specialty area, to be considered for the job.


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