Online Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies

Women’s studies, also sometimes called feminist studies or gender studies, explore political, societal, and historical gender roles, from a cross-cultural female perspective. Students pursuing an online masters degree in women’s studies will learn to bring awareness to common social inequalities, and raise questions about the societal expectations of gender, race, class, and sexuality. Because course work in women’s studies often has strong ties to activism in other closely related fields, through completing the online masters degree program, students will typically have mastered not only research of traditional feminist concerns, but also gain insight into environmental and political movements, possibly including identity issues, reproductive rights, and gender-based laws, for example. The online masters degree in women’s studies is typically a two-year academic degree program, although program length is dependent on individual university requirements and whether a student attends on a part-time or full-time basis.

Classes for an Online Masters Degree in Women’s Studies

The online masters degree in women’s studies provides many scholarly possibilities. Topics exploring women and their role in society are an integral part of the curriculum, but this course of graduate study also comprises feminist theory, women in history, and social movements, just to name a few. Students can hope to graduate from the online masters degree program in women’s studies well-versed in the history, mission, and social practice of feminism, and they can choose to apply their education in a variety of fields, such as journalism, nonprofit administration, or in the academic circuit as a professor in this subject, among many options. Sample classes in the women’s studies curriculum include:

  • Issues in Feminism
  • Social Psychology
  • Gender and Sexuality in Literature
  • Gender in Popular Culture
  • History of Social Policy

Requirements vary, depending on individual institutions, but typically, students are required to complete a practicum, consisting of a thesis project, final exam, internship, or other supervised course work or teaching experience, or combination of one or several of these options. Even though this accredited masters degree program is online, a practicum is a standard means of showing a mastery of the women’s studies curriculum, and is common for graduate course work in fields like education and social work. It is common for this graduate program to require extensive research and composition, in order to learn effective communication techniques. The practicum will serve as the final course, and should exemplify the combined knowledge earned from studying the history, theory, and ideas of women’s studies.

A Career as a Graduate with an Online Masters Degree in Women’s Studies

Graduates of an online masters degree program in women’s studies have the potential to enjoy a variety of scholarly and professional career options. With a graduate education in women’s studies comes the responsibility of furthering the cause of feminism and affecting social change for future generations. Some graduates may pursue careers as social workers, community leaders, nonprofit administrators, or journalists, while others may choose to teach literature, history, or philosophy. While a bachelor’s degree may simply provide entry into to the field of women’s studies, academic positions, as a college professor, for example, require a minimum of a master’s degree, and a Ph.D is often preferred. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2010, the average annual salary of a postsecondary teacher was $62,050, and the position also offers the advantage of flexible schedules and summer breaks.


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