Online Master’s Degree in Writing

A graduate-level education in writing, also commonly called composition, is a prestigious course of study. Students obtaining an online masters degree in writing can earn the appropriate credentials to ultimately teach writing to high school and community college students, or pursue writing careers of their own. Because many graduates pursue a career in education in this subject, through completing the online masters degree program, students are encouraged to learn how to apply their academic knowledge, liberal arts experience, and critical-thinking and communication skills, into a professional career in higher learning. The online masters degree in writing is typically a two- to three-year academic and professional degree program, depending on individual university requirements.

Classes for an Online Masters Degree in Writing

The online masters degree in writing provides a broad range of academic enrichment. While pursuing this course of study implies the inherent practice of research, writing exercises, and presentation, students will also be required to engage in critical discourse with other students, scholars, and/or professors, and study formative subjects like critical theory, language and linguistics, media culture, creative writing, and the dramatic arts, among others. Upon graduation from an accredited online masters degree program, students should be equipped with a firm understanding of not only writing itself, but also the cultural and literary context in which their compositions belong. Sample classes in writing include:

  • Arts and Culture: Literary Trends
  • Introduction to Fiction
  • Memoir and Personal Essay
  • World Literature
  • History of Literature into Film

Although requirements vary, graduate students studying writing are usually expected to prepare a master’s thesis, showing they have mastered a broad range of literary, creative, and critical skills. Typically, even as part of a fully online accredited masters degree program, students are also encouraged, and, in some cases, required, to complete a specified term as a teaching assistant or intern. The subject of world literature is quite vast, so many students choose a specialty area of concentration, usually a time period or literary genre, to focus their interest. Because this field of study is inherently rooted in research and composition, it is common for students to prepare a traditional thesis paper, or comprehensive writing exercise, as their final project.

A Career as a Graduate with an Online Masters Degree in Writing

Graduates of an online masters degree program in writing can pursue a career in education, but they also have the potential to enjoy professional opportunities in other fields. Professional writers have the option of enjoying the freedom and flexibility of freelance projects, and they can also find writing and business opportunities in new media, communications, and publishing, for example. Some graduates of the masters degree program may choose to continue their education and pursue a doctoral degree in hopes of becoming a professor at a four-year university. While a bachelor’s degree may simply provide entry into to the field of professional writing, esteemed education opportunities, such as high school or community college teacher, for example, require a masters degree, and jobs in this field are only expected to grow in the future. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the year 2020, postsecondary teaching job opportunities are expected to grow by 17%, or more than 300,000, in the U.S.

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