Online Master’s Degree in Chemistry

Chemistry is a field of science that is concerned with matter, the substances that make up molecules and bonds, and how different molecules react with each other. Though chemistry is an individual branch of science, it often delves into other scientific areas, like biology. An online masters degree in chemistry prepares students to work in laboratories and conduct research on different particles and substances, and is a good educational path for students that wish to lead their own research projects or work in academia.

Master’s degrees in chemistry typically take one to three years to complete. Students that attend online master degree programs on a full-time basis can usually finish their degrees at a faster pace than students who only attend part-time. However, the length of online masters degree programs in chemistry varies depending on the school and individual program requirements.

Classes for an Online Masters Degree in Chemistry

To earn a masters degree online, students will typically take classes in inorganic and organic chemicals, physical chemistry, materials chemistry, and kinetics. Some programs give students the option to specialize in a chemistry field and take electives in that specialization as well. The following are some specific examples of classes online masters programs in chemistry include as part of the curriculum:

  • Kinetics and Catalysis
  • Applied Analytical Chemistry
  • Organic Mechanisms
  • Chemical Research
  • Advanced Biochemistry

Some programs require students to complete a thesis before they graduate, however this is usually optional. Many chemistry master’s degree programs will require students to become familiar with working in a laboratory as part of the chemistry curriculum. Students will typically perform research on chemical interactions as part of their programs as well.

A Career as a Graduate with an Online Masters Degree in Chemistry

Upon graduating from a master’s degree program in chemistry, students can pursue careers as chemists, material scientists, or chemical technicians. Though these careers only require associate or bachelor’s degrees, students with master’s degrees in chemistry have better job prospects. They also qualify for advancement into higher positions. Chemistry graduates also can pursue careers in academia.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that chemists and material scientists earn an average salary of $69,790 annually. Chemical technicians, on the other hand, earn approximately $42,040 annually. And finally, chemistry professors typically earn $80,450 annually.


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