Online Master’s Degrees in New Mexico

New Mexico’s public colleges and universities are overseen by the New Mexico Higher Education Department. The major state universities are Eastern New Mexico University, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, and the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. A new funding initiative in the state dictates that colleges and universities will now receive federal funding based on how well the schools perform and how much emphasis is put on STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math), a move that should encourage schools to focus on the country’s weakest area. If you want to advance your career by earning a master’s but need the flexibility that online courses allow, these colleges are a few of the biggest in the state offering online master’s programs.

University of New Mexico

If you’d like to get a master’s degree from the largest university in the state from the comfort of your own home, try one of the University of New Mexico’s online graduate programs. The school offers six master’s degrees: dental hygiene; educational leadership; language, literacy and sociocultural studies; organizational learning and instructional technology; engineering; and nursing. Courses are taught by UNM faculty using tools like email, discussion boards, and multimedia tools and follow the traditional semester. The school has been named a “Best Western College” by Princeton Review, as well as landing in the top 20 for graduate engineering programs.

New Mexico State University

New Mexico State, the second largest university in the state, offers a number of master’s degrees that students can complete online through the school’s distance education programs. Subjects range from Spanish and sociology to nursing and industrial engineering. There are also five specializations related to master’s degrees in education. The school is classified as a Hispanic-serving institution by the federal government, meaning it attempts to assist first-generation Hispanic students earn an education.

Eastern New Mexico University

Eastern New Mexico University offers several master’s programs online – an MBA and a wide variety of education-related master’s degrees. Courses are delivered through an online course management system, which allows you to interact and turn in assignments wherever you are, at all hours of the day. Eastern New Mexico University is known for its affordability, with one of the lowest tuition rates in the state and the country. Even out-of-state students can pay the in-state rate if they take six hours or fewer each semester.

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