Online Master’s Degree in 3D Animation

Today’s 3D animation plays a vital role in the entertainment industry and can be found in everything from television shows, movies, commercials, and even in video games. An online masters degree in 3D animation allows students to not only perfect their technique using modern software needed to create the animation, but is also intended to help the individual develop a personal style that goes beyond animation. Students will gain a mastery of classic animation, storyboarding, animation modeling, and special effects. In most cases, a master’s degree program in 3D animation can take anywhere from two to four years to complete. However, due to a subject matter that largely involves students working toward the creation of a portfolio featuring their own work, the length of time needed to complete a program can vary greatly. Similar programs to 3D animation also include an online masters degree in 3D modeling.

Classes for an Online Masters Degree in 3D Animation

Working in the field of 3D animation is highly dependent on one’s skill set using the software required to create animation and effects. Because of this, most programs will focus on allowing students to develop a mastery of these software systems while working towards the development of a personal portfolio that demonstrates this mastery. In addition to courses involving the software, students will also participate in courses relevant to producing one’s own animated works, such as storyboarding, layout design, and figurative concepts. Courses like these help students bring their ideas to life while creating original 3D animation works for their portfolio. Classes can include the following:

  • Traditional Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Cinematography
  • Visual Elements of Story
  • Texture Creation

Almost all 3D animation programs, including online programs, are focused on helping the student develop a final portfolio that demonstrates a mastery of the elements required to work in the field, or those needed to teach other individuals the subject at the postsecondary level. While an online masters in most fields requires students to complete a final thesis, online 3D Animation masters programs will either require students to work towards the completion of a final portfolio including several original works, or the creation of a complete 3D animated short film.

A Career as a Graduate with an Online Master’s Degree in 3D Animation

As with any art, media,ˇor film degree, one of the most exciting prospects of entering the career field is that opportunity is almost limitless. Graduates can seek employment working in 3D animation studios, major film and television studios, or even for the 3D animation software developers themselves. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 59% of the more than 65,000 workers in the industry were self-employed. While many jobs in the field do not require individuals to have a degree, earning a master’s in 3D animation is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition. According to the BLS, job growth within the field is expected to be slower than average through 2020.

In addition to providing an advantage in the field, 3D animation graduates can often use their degrees to teach at the college level. As is the case with many art educators, this allows professors to continue their work outside their time as a professor or educator. While most positions require a Ph.D, because of the highly technical nature of the field, most individuals with a mastery of the subject matter and a master’s degree can teach colleges courses in the field


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