Online Master’s Degree in Video Production

Pursuing an online masters degree in video production is a promising option for those looking to build a career in media production and post-production. Graduate-level video production students will learn basic photography, film, and video techniques, as well as production and post-production methods, which can be applied practically in a substantial career in the entertainment, event-planning, and/or marketing industries. Through completion of an online masters degree program, graduates will be able to put their expertise to good use, with room for growth in a variety of fields with increasing longevity, like fine arts, Internet marketing and communications, and new media distribution. The online masters degree in video production is typically a one- to two-year academic and professional degree program, depending on the granting institution, number of classes required, and prior education.

Classes for an Online Masters Degree in Video Production

The field of video production holds much opportunity. Students completing an online masters degree in video production will master the technical and artistic abilities necessary to create productions in the video genre of their choice. Students will research documentary, story-telling, commercial, and web-based video production, and develop their talents in order to find the concentration area of study that they are most passionate about. Within the online masters degree program in video production, students will learn not only filming and lighting techniques and video styles, but also how to edit their productions, and how to distribute their work. Course work in conceptual analytics as well as technical ability is necessary in order to complete a comprehensive online master’s degree in video production. Sample classes include:

  • Directing
  • Production Management
  • Sound and Audio Recording
  • Digital Technology
  • Editing

Master of Video Production students may find the curriculum varies slightly from one school to the next; however, all accredited online masters programs will require a thesis project of some kind, and candidates will likely be expected to present a creative idea as a final summary of their experience. Although this degree is offered in a fully online format, and internships are not always mandatory, students are strongly advised to participate in as much “real-world” experience as possible during their course work. Frequent opportunities for hands-on experience are encouraged, such as attending film industry events, directing short project films, participating in critiques, and joining production crews.

A Career as a Graduate with an Online Masters Degree in Video Production

As the world of behind-the-scenes careers in the entertainment industry is increasingly exposed, many students will find that a career in video production, once perhaps not laid out in front of them as a clear career path, is now a conceivable, and highly desirable, professional option. With an accredited online masters degree in video production, graduates have the ability to move to top-ranking positions, like videographer, director, or producer, in the popular fields of media, film, and television. Among the top positions in the motion picture industry is producer/director, which earns an annual average salary of $68,000, and maintains that an extensive industry education is of the utmost importance.


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