Online Master’s Degree in Web Design

Much of what we see on websites spanning the World Wide Web is at the skilled hand of professional web designers. Web designers are responsible for creating graphics and services for web pages and websites, and knowing how to implement them, using the most effective user-friendly tools. Through completion of an online masters degree program, students will learn a wide range of skills, culminating in their ability to not only be a part of designing new media for a worldwide audience, but also understand how their contributions fit into the context of the web-based media world. Students pursuing an online masters degree in web design study HTML and other web authoring tools, analytical and interface tools, and marketing and SEO strategy, to name a few. The online masters degree in web design is typically a one- to two-year academic and professional degree program, depending on the awarding institution, as well as the courses and previous experience required to complete the degree.

Classes for an Online Masters Degree in Web Design

Web design is a steadily increasing field, expected to continue to be an essential resource for Internet use in the future. With billions of users worldwide, the World Wide Web is arguably the most visible and important form of communication of this century. Such a large resource requires many contributors, and, trained to shape how the world sees information online, web designers account for a large contribution to culture and society at-large. Web design curriculum typically requires students to study cultural and social feedback, as well as understand the technical and creative skills needed in this field. Sample classes include:

  • Digital Media Layout and Design
  • Corporate and Brand Identity on the Web
  • Web Interactivity and Engagement
  • Digital Imagery in Web Design
  • Research Methods in Digital Communication

Although schools vary in their requirements, typically, online masters degree web design students will be expected to present a thesis or capstone project, usually in the form of an original website or creative project. In order for students to be able to understand the concept of real-world application of their expertise, students may be asked to participate in an internship, or complete a web design project, for an operating nonprofit organization or small business that is willing to collaborate with the student. Even for the online masters degree program, most universities proposing this type of internship or mentorship, if required, make every effort to suggest options close to the student’s home. Any additional practice the student elects to do, on their own, is encouraged. For instance, in this field of study, students can easily practice designing their own mock websites or web pages in their spare time, or brainstorm with other programmers, graphic designers, or marketers for inspiration.

A Career as a Graduate with an Online Masters Degree in Web Design

The professional opportunities for graduates of an online masters degree program in web design are not only substantial in number, but also in expected longevity. A comprehensive education in this field will take web designers far, providing the security in knowing that they will have many career options, over several growing industries, for years to come. Graduates can find promising career opportunities as web designers, webmasters, web architects, and web developers. Some graduates may become inspired to pursue positions in other closely related fields, and aspire to be an information security analyst or network engineer. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, graduates can enjoy being part of a job market that is expected to grow 22% by 2020, and continues to be in high demand in the U.S.

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